A WW2 R.A.F. pilot's survival story…


Wings and Dog Tags

Wings and Dog Tags

This site is about the life of a RAF and FAA pilot, before and during WW2.  The author of the book “One Life Left” describes the  the day to day activities from airfields in England, Malta, Egypt and Gibralta. This book will be appreciated by adventurers and pilots alike, with its detailed accounts of flying duties and amusing ancedotes.
During his career in the RAF Hugh Garlick rose to Wing Commander and clocked over 1,750 flying hours, with half of them flown during wartime service.  He flew many types of aircraft, from early Harts to Spitfires, Bleinheim bombers to float planes.  In wartime, he was seconded to the Fleet Air Arm and served from several warships including H.M.S. Glorious and H.M.S Rodney.
At the war’s end, Wing Commander Garlick discovered he was the sole survivor from the group of twenty that he had trained with who went on to flying duties.  A poignant reminder of the inherant dangers of flying in often adverse weather conditions and while facing a determined enemy.


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